The Manjiro Sano character from the anime and manga series Tokyo Revengers is one of the most popular characters in the series. His backstory, interactions with other characters, and relationships with his family are some of the most well-known aspects of the character. In this helpful post, we will be exploring the Manjiro Sano character and his relationships with his family.

1. Shinichiro Sano Character
Mikey’s older brother is called Shinichiro. Since he was much older than Emma and Mikey, he frequently looked after them when their parents were away. Shinichiro, who created the most powerful gang at the time and served as their well-respected leader, was Mikey’s hero and the object of his admiration.

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Part of Mikey broke when Shinichiro passed away. He made an effort to carry on his legacy. Throughout his teenage and adult years, his departed older brother served as a source of much inspiration for him and many others, propelling them all to succeed in their own fields.

2. Emma Sano Character
Mikey and Emma are half-siblings who are of similar age. At age 3, Emma moved in with the Sanos, and through time, they developed a close relationship. Mikey has a warm heart for his sister and is protective of her.

He observes how isolated and out of place she appears when they first meet. He claims that he will now go by the name “Mikey” to be able to have a foreign name like her since he believes it’s because her name is distinctive from everyone else’s.

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Even if that wasn’t the reason Emma first felt distant, she is touched by the gesture and appreciates her brother’s innocent goodwill.

They are currently extremely close to the point where an uninformed person may wrongly believe that they are dating, as Takemichi initially thinks. He informed her it was all incorrect and that the life she had was not the one he had imagined for her after she had passed away. Along with her, a piece of his heart also died.

3. Izana Kurokawa Character
Izana, Mikey’s older adopted brother, spent a brief period of time being raised by Emma. Because Shinichiro frequently discussed Mikey with him, Izana loathed Mikey out of envy, but she wanted Shinichiro to herself. Izana wasn’t raised with Emma for very long because he wasn’t even biologically linked to his mother; instead, he was an affair with Emma’s biological mother’s ex-husband.

He broke when he realized he wasn’t really a Sano. Shinichiro desired Izana to unite with Mikey and Emma as a family and share a loving life with them. As for Mikey, he was excited at the thought of getting a new sibling and never had any bad feelings for Izana.

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Mikey wanted to help him and relieve him from loneliness after seeing how Izana had turned out, but Izana passed away before the Tenjiku vs. Toman combat could take place. Izana was his sole surviving sibling, and her passing caused Mikey to unravel completely. In the present-day realities where Izana dies, Mikey takes on his hairstyle to honor him.

Details about Manjiro Sano’s parents are not as numerous as we thought. We know each his father’s name is Makoto Sano, and his mother is Sakurako Sano. We will try to find out more information to provide you.

We can see that Manjiro Sano’s love for his family has never changed and he cherishes it. His relationships with his family members are instrumental in helping him grow into the man that we see later in the series.

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